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Re: Problem with daylight saving time, off by one hour

> On Feb 28 11:19, Frank Farance wrote:
>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>>> Furthermore, ls reports the wrong time (via --full-time) as 11:46
>>>> -0400.
>>>> Yes, ls has the right timezone offset (it was summer time in NYC on
>>>> 2005-09-01), but the time itself is wrong.  Even when I precede the
>>>> command with TZ=UTC0, the UTC time reported by ls is wrong (says
>>>> 15:46,
>>>> should be 14:46).
>>> I can't reproduce this issue.  I have files created during summer
>>> time as well, on my Linux machine and my Cygwin box.  The output of ls
>>> -l in
>>> Linux and Cygwin is identical for the files on the Samba share,
>>> and the timestamps of Windows and Cygwin are identical as well.
>>> Are the timezone settings on the remote machine and the local machine
>>>  identical?
>> Corinna-
>> Thank you for your help.  Yes, both are America/New_York.
> Is that what you have set in Cygwin's TZ?  Did you set it manually or is
> that the timezone setting fetched from Windows by the call to the tzset
> utility in /etc/profile.d/

TZ is set to that when I start the bash command by double-clicking the
cygwin terminal icon.  I did not set the timezone, it was set like that
(correctly) after I installed the software.

>> My configuration is: (1) workstation and backup server on same LAN, (2)
>>  workstation running Windows XP, (3) backup server running FC8
>> (
>> kernel), (4) no Samba shares.
>> To repeat:
>> (1) copy summer files from backup server to workstation via WinSCP
>> (2) inspect timestamp on server
>> (3) inspect timestamp on workstation using right-click -> properties
>> (4) use "ls --full-time" to see local files and they will be different
>> than what Windows reports
> Yeah, I got that.  As I said, I also have "summer files" on the local
> machine, and the timestamp printed in Windows Explorer is the same as what
> Cygwin's ls --full-time prints.  The timezone information in the
> --full-time output is correct as well.
>> Although this is a problem in the context of rsync, the real problem is
>>  that cygwin has a different sense of time than Windows for the summer
>> files.
> Not for me.  The only difference I see is that I'm living in another
> timezone.  I changed my timezone to America/New_York as well, but the time
> is still correct in ls. Without a reproducible scenario (which does not
> involve non-system, non-Cygwin tools like winSCP) it's pretty hard to
> track down why you see the wrong time information.
> Corinna

Corinna, maybe my point wasn't clear above.  I mentioned WinSCP to reveal
how the files arrived.  However, it was via ***Windows*** tools where I
was able to see the timestamp: (1) a right-click->properties on the file
shows the correct timestamp, (2) I just tried "dir" from the command line
and got the right time, (3) but "ls -l --full-time" shows the wrong time
<-- all reproduced by system or cygwin tools.

FYI, I just tried a different folder that has winter files and all three
steps above report the same time.  This would dispell the idea that I had
the wrong time zone, right?

How would you like me to debug this further?  Thanks!


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