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Re: Inconsistence on file operation when the name already exists with exe extension

Greetings, Aaron Schneider!

>>> Probably compiling binaries under cygwin without the exe extension, like
>>> unix, is not an alternative, or is it? Cygwin may detect if it is
>>> executable checking if it's PE format; if it is perl script.  Just check
>>> if file is present in path or run. /file 
>> False.  It is wholly possible, you just have to pass the correct flags
>> to the linker process.  Current windows versions since at least XP and
>> maybe before would run files that did not contain a .exe extension.

> I don't see how you can run a PE executable from windows shell (cmd.exe)

You're comparing apples to oranges.
You've been told already that Cygwin doesn't try to emulate windows shells or
anything of that kind.

> directly without the exe extension. I've just tried it in several ways
> and always prompts me the "Open with..." dialog instead of directly 
> running it because treats it as data.

> When you say that Windows XP and above can run an executable without
> extension, you are talking about running it from windows shell.

No, he's talking about CreateProcess[Ex]() function call.
It's possible to execute binary with arbitrary name, since at least Win NT 4.x
if memory serves me well.

> But I was referring in the end to the cygwin terminal
> (C:\cygwin\bin\mintty.exe -) that I believe can run exe without 
> extension even in older versions of windows, because it's bash that 
> launches it as you said before.

You're confusing shell with terminal... don't you?
mintty.exe -h -e C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /K

You'll be surprised.

> That's being said because I expect users to run commands from the cygwin
> terminal. The exe extension is needed if you want to run the linux 
> commands directly from the windows shell directly (c:\cygwin\bin\ and 
> other bash PATHs should be exported to the windows PATH to run them 
> directly from windows shell, but you will mix things up)

I do like to mix things. Alot. Life is just not the same without that.

Andrey Repin ( 11.07.2012, <04:32>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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