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Re: running .bat file in cygwin

On 7/11/2012 1:05 PM, emon wrote:

Dear Larry, When I use mingw terminal, build.bat would create a mask.exe. This is the executable file,mask.exe. If I try the same way in cygwin, it provides me the following error. -bash:build.bat command not found.

As Greg points out in a subsequent message, you need to tell Cygwin where to find "build.bat". You'd need to do the same in Mingw but there you've probably had its location in your path for a while so it's likely this detail has slipped from your memory.

By the by, my computer is installed both cygwin and mingw.

thanks for your respond.  I am sure there is a lacking in my background in
cygwin somewhere, if you may point that out, so I can seach read the proper

A good source of Cygwin-specific information is:


Newbie guides for Linux are your best bet if you need help from ground zero.

-- Larry


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