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Re: perl-5.14.2 switch

Steven Hartland writes:
> Unfortunately the current perl_vendor install is so broken cpan
> won't allow you to fix it with simple "install" unless you know
> the exact missing modules and just breaks in some very strange
> and random ways. Like missing protocol for ftp in LWP

I suggested to use cpanminus â not cpan â for a reason.  It is possible
to get things to eventually work as you want via CPAN, but it is much
less effort to do so via cpanminus.  You can then continue using CPAN
for new modules if you wish.  Remove perl_vendor first, in the end this
is much easier than papering over it via site-perl.

Also, make sure you have removed all remnants from perl-5.10 (including
locally installed modules).  The ability of 5.14 to fall back to modules
that were installed for 5.10 is a double-edged sword, the two versions
are sufficiently different so that I would not want to mix them at the
module level.

Last but not least, Reini has asked for testers of the new perl quite a
while back and didn't get all that many responses.  Even with those
kinks in perl_vendor (which I'm sure he'll fix) the 5.14 to me is the
least problematic perl version on Cygwin so far.  I have only a glimpse
of how much work that must have been and I really appreciate it.  I'm
sure Reini wouldn't mind if someone just took the sources for
perl_vendor and fixed whatever needs fixing and feed back the changes to

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