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Re: pthread help

Sorry for the confusion. It is probably better classified as a Linux emulator. I think of it more or less as a virtualized OS, but that's not exactly right either (I don't think it has it's own kernel, etc).

I meant to make an analogy of the different between installing and configuring an OS, and installing/configuring/using applications that run on the OS, to point out that the previous post was more like the latter. I guess I didn't do that very well.


Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 7/12/2012 5:52 PM, LMH wrote:
This is a question for a programming forum, cygwin is an operating
Sorry, can't let this one slide in case others stumble across it in the
archives. Cygwin is not an O/S. From the web site:

Cygwin is:

a collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment
for Windows.

a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API layer providing
substantial Linux API functionality.

All of that makes Cygwin seem like an O/S sometimes but it's really not
even close.

But you're right that this list isn't a generic programming forum.

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