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RE: FAQ and Documentation translation to other languages

Corinna Vinschen sent the following at Friday, July 20, 2012 4:48 AM
>On Jul 19 22:38, SPC wrote:
>> Hello. I'm a Cygwin lists subscriber (with some problems from time to
>> time to send mails but this is another story).
>> The message about outdated FAQs of yesterday let me think in the
>> general lack of translations of Unix-like-items documentation to
>> spanish language.
>> Exists something translated under Cygwin to spanish ? Some kind of team
>> doing it ?
>> In negative case I could dedicate some time to this project, including
>> translations inside source code.
>I hope you mean the documentation sources. I'm not fluent in spanish and
>converting my english comments in the Cygwin sources to spanish would
>left me a bit puzzled :)
>The documentation is written by the developers. There's no doc team
>nor a translation team, given that we have only a tiny number of
>contributors to the Cygwin package codebase. If you're interested
>in providing a spanish translation of the docs or the FAQs, we can
>certainly arrange a side project for translations in CVS, and the
>necessary web space to publish them.
>If you're interested, we could discuss the howto in the cygwin-apps
>mailing list.
>Btw., the same goes for anybody who would like to provide translations
>in any other language, naturally. I would just like to ask that you make
>sure you mean that seriously and don't drop off right at the next stop.

I've wondered about this.  My experience with Google Translate on
non-technical text to French (which I speak reasonably, though far from
fluently) is that it often works very well, though occasionally it
generates a bit of utter nonsense.  My question is whether it is good
enough for something like a FAQ?  Should this be officially recommended?

For Corinna's expert opinion plus recently discussed languages:

- Barry
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