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Re: cygport debuginfo problem: packaging fails.

On 01/04/2013 09:56, Dave Korn wrote:
>     Hi Yaakov et al.,
>   I'm confused by the output from cygport (0.11.3) when building GCC.  During
> the packaging step, after the final binary package from PKG_NAMES has been
> tarballed, I see:
>> *** Info: No debug files, skipping debuginfo subpackage

  OK, so this means that ${D}/usr/src/debug does not exist, and that's because
nothing was installed there by __prepdebugsrc().  That has something to do
with the fact that none of my source files got listed in ${T}/.dbgsrc.out, and
I think that in turn is because objdumping the built exes doesn't reveal any
paths to source files that begin with '/usr/src/debug'.

  That seems to be because no -fdebug-prefix-map options got added during the
build stage.  Or rather, the options did get added, but that was before
/usr/bin/cygport included my .cygport script, which went and unset them again.
 I'm not sure why I originally included that any more, I left a comment about
how setting them in the environment "confuses auto-detection process during
gcc build stages", which isn't as clear as I now wish, so I guess I'll just
delete that bit and try again.  Looks like the problem is my fault, anyway;
pardon the noise.


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