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Re: X11 library package

Sonya Blade writes:
> This TLS stands for the Transport Layer Security right? As a result, it seems thatÂ
> I need to compile the Petsc without parallel support.Â

Nope, it stands for thread level safety in this particular case.  The
action you've taken is correct, though.

> This may sound a bit silly, but how about If I just simply copy the supported compilers 
> obtained from recent MinGW directly to corresponding cygwin folder.

Won't work.

> And how about those erros, the only corresponding library to those in cygwin/lib/ folderÂ
> is "libX11.dll.a" but it doesn't look like a valid library or am I wrong here ?

This file is needed for linking only, but you should have a
corresponding library /bin/cygX11.dll as well.  If not, you need to
install the runtime package (configure should have tested for that if
you use it).

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