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Re: username case sensitive with the sshd service

>> I installed the last version of Cygwin (2.774) with the OpenSSH package

>This is the version of setup.  Try `uname -r' instead.

>> a Windows Server 2012 and when I tried to establish a connection in
>> I noticed that the username was case sensitive (username@IP). 
>> With old versions of Cygwin with the SSH package that I'm using on
>> Server 2008 R2, I don't have this problem. For example, if I have an
>> Administrator account with a "A" in upper-case, I can establish a
>> connection both with $ssh administrator@IP and $ssh Administrator@IP.
>> username case sensitive is a new feature in the lastest package of
>> OpenSSH? Can I deactivate the username case sensitive in the sshd

>How old is your old openssh package?  In recent versions of OpenSSH(*)
>there's an explicit check for the username, and it is forced to be the
>same case as in /etc/passwd.  This has been added after an upstream
>discussion as to how to handle user names in ssh_config Match rules.
>See `man ssh_config' for the Match rules.


>(*) At least since OpenSSH-5.8p1.
The version of Cygwin that I installed on the Windows Server 2012 is the
1.7.17(0.262/5/3). So, I checked on my Windows Server 2008 R2 and the
version of the OpenSHH package is 5.2 p1-4, that explained the differences
that I encountered. So, I will try to install the new version of Cygwin
with the package OpenSSH 5.2 p1-4. 
Thanks for your quick answer,
Best regards 

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