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Re: But it is cygwin related.

On Apr  4 17:05, wrote:
> It is a cygwin related question to me.  It involves using cygwin and
> programs built using cygwin.  You are wrong to suggest that it doesn't
> related to cygwin.  Additionally it involves using cygwin as a
> learning and buiding tool.  You should consider a more constructive
> response that would be helpful and address the question if you have
> the knowledge to do so.

I don't usually interfere in this, but I have to defend Chris here
because I think your reply is a bit unfair.

A question is not automatically Cygwin-related because you're using
Cygwin tools to solve the problem.  You're looking for native Windows
programming advice.  This is not what this mailing list is for.  There
are other mailing lists dedicated to this.
In the same vain you could ask for the solution of a mathematical
problem like finding the 300th digit of pi.  It's not a Cygwin question
just because you're using a Cygwin compiler and the cygwin list is
not the right forum to share code to compute pi.

So we ask politely to redirect your question to a forum, which is
dedicated to this kind of problem.

As for constructive help, did you contemplate to look up the Win32
API calls at the root?


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Red Hat

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