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Regardless it is cygwin related

I did not ask for native widows programming advice any more than cygwin uses win32-api.
cygwin distributes the header files and I simply asked about linking, which is exactly what cygwin built programs do. 

I appreciate Corinna's providing a url to a possible point of source and which did response to my question about how we can get through, hopefully using cygwin as a gateway.  I also, explicity stated that I did not want to have to use bios or direct windows unless there as no cygwin gateway API, but there must be else the c output and getchar functions would never work.

cygwin should offer the ability for build programs can perform simple i.e., if you would give a cygwin specific method of outputing a character that doesn't involve c libs that would be fine and was also my main question and is related to cygwin.

The c library used by all programs goes there a cygwin interface to output and input date, I just want to know how I can use that interface directly.  


Corinna Vinschen

> On Apr  4 17:05, 
> > 
> > It is a cygwin related question to me.  It involves using cygwin and
> > programs built using cygwin.  You are wrong to suggest that it doesn't
> > related to cygwin.  Additionally it involves using cygwin as a
> > learning and buiding tool.  You should consider a more constructive
> > response that would be helpful and address the question if you have
> > the knowledge to do so.
> I don't usually interfere in this, but I have to defend Chris here
> because I think your reply is a bit unfair.
> A question is not automatically Cygwin-related because you're using
> Cygwin tools to solve the problem.  You're looking for native Windows
> programming advice.  This is not what this mailing list is for.  There
> are other mailing lists dedicated to this.
> In the same vain you could ask for the solution of a mathematical
> problem like finding the 300th digit of pi.  It's not a Cygwin question
> just because you're using a Cygwin compiler and the cygwin list is
> not the right forum to share code to compute pi.
> So we ask politely to redirect your question to a forum, which is
> dedicated to this kind of problem.
> As for constructive help, did you contemplate to look up the Win32
> API calls at the root?
> Corinna

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