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Re: Regardless it is cygwin related

On 04/04/2013 7:03 AM, wrote:
I did not ask for native widows programming advice any more than cygwin uses win32-api.
cygwin distributes the header files and I simply asked about linking, which is exactly what cygwin built programs do.

I appreciate Corinna's providing a url to a possible point of source and which did response to my question about how we can get through, hopefully using cygwin as a gateway.  I also, explicity stated that I did not want to have to use bios or direct windows unless there as no cygwin gateway API, but there must be else the c output and getchar functions would never work.

cygwin should offer the ability for build programs can perform simple i.e., if you would give a cygwin specific method of outputing a character that doesn't involve c libs that would be fine and was also my main question and is related to cygwin.

The c library used by all programs goes there a cygwin interface to output and input date, I just want to know how I can use that interface directly.
That interface is a 3MB monstrosity known as "cygwin1.dll." No cygwin program can run without it, and it will make your tiny program depend on all kinds of native windows libraries, including the libc you want to avoid so badly. Cygwin doesn't know how to output a character anywhere, it only knows which windows libraries do it, and how to call them.

It's the cost we pay for letting programs think they're running under Linux instead of Windows. If you want to avoid bloating your tiny little native windows program, cygwin is absolutely the wrong tool or you, and nobody in this forum will be able to help you do what you want.


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