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Re: But it is cygwin related.

No Earnie.  It wasn't about programming.  Read and try to comprehend.
cygwin seems to have a missing api in it or one it should have is missing. 
The cygwin.dll or possibly another cygwin dll shuffles i/o betwwen cygwin programs and MSWindows is not open to linkage (or is it) by assembly language programs.  This should be a realitive easy thing to do. There are entry points in the dll'S for i/o, which is called from the assembled c programs.  It should be even easier for an assembly program to directly link to those dlls. If it can not then it is missing.  If it is not missing, where is it and where is it documented?  This would be to cygwin and the cygwin community as a whole good.

p.s. If you would like to learn about programming, it is off topic for this list, but I'd be happy to help you if you write directly.

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> The OP was related to "How to program".  From we have
> ~~~~~~
> Finally, make sure when you send a message to a Cygwin list that it
> actually has something to do with Cygwin. What do we mean by that?
> Well, if you can't install the Cygwin C compiler, then that has
> something to do with Cygwin. If you don't know C very well and need
> some pointers on writing a program, that really has nothing to do with
> Cygwin. If you are trying to run the Cygwin version of bash (the
> standard UNIX shell) and it hangs, then that's probably a Cygwin
> problem. If you can't figure out how to set up a command alias in
> bash, that's not a Cygwin question. These Cygwin questions are
> considered "on topic". The non-Cygwin questions are considered "off
> topic".
> ~~~~~~

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