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Re: But it is cygwin related.

On Thu, Apr 04, 2013 at 11:04:29PM +0900, wynfield wrote:
>No Earnie.  It wasn't about programming.  Read and try to comprehend.
>cygwin seems to have a missing api in it or one it should have is
>missing.  The cygwin.dll or possibly another cygwin dll shuffles i/o
>betwwen cygwin programs and MSWindows is not open to linkage (or is it)
>by assembly language programs.  This should be a realitive easy thing
>to do.  There are entry points in the dll'S for i/o, which is called
>from the assembled c programs.  It should be even easier for an
>assembly program to directly link to those dlls.  If it can not then it
>is missing.  If it is not missing, where is it and where is it
>documented?  This would be to cygwin and the cygwin community as a
>whole good.

If you're asking how to call cygwin entry points to use Cygwin I/O from
an assembly language program then you are on-topic for the mailing list.
It is possible to write a raw assembly language program which does this
but, given the amount of confusion evident in the above paragraph you
are clearly quite a long way from having the necessary skills to do
anything like this.  And, perhaps most importantly, there are only
a handful of people who would have a clue about how to do this and I'll
go out on a limb and say that none of us is interested in attempting
to teach you.  But even if we were, an assembly program which relied on
a massive DLL doesn't really meet your criteria anyway.

Writing an assembly language program which just uses Windows APIs to
write to the console would likely be much easier but that is off-topic
for this list.

There's no use arguing about this.  This isn't your mailing list and you
don't set the rules.  Further arguing will have undesirable consequences
for you.

>p.s.  If you would like to learn about programming, it is off topic for
>this list, but I'd be happy to help you if you write directly.

Mocking people who could potentially help you is rarely a good idea.


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