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Re: But it is cygwin related.

On Thu, Apr 04, 2013 at 02:59:01PM -0400, Eliot Moss wrote:
>On 4/4/2013 2:40 PM, Eliot Moss wrote:
>>It occurred to me to mention to the OP that the mingw package (minimal
>>Gnu for Windows is what I think it stands for) is a lighter weight
>>version of the gcc stuff for Windows.  It does not try to "fake" a
>>Linux environment to the extent that cygwin does, so it is simpler and
>>smaller, as I understand it.  (I am less familiar with mingw than with
>>cygwin.) Still, there may be something there more suited to your needs.
>Seeing as I had mingw installed, I built the same little programs with
>it.  Stripped .exe files turned out to be 6144 bytes long.  ldd showed
>a long list of dlls that would be dynamically linked at run time, but
>they are all Windows dlls -- no cygwin or "custom" mingw ones.  So,
>maybe this is more what you meant originally.

If you have to enter MinGW land to perform what the OP wants then that
is a really clear indication that this is off-topic.

I think we've seen an adequate amount of advice for how the OP can
proceed.  There was a suggestion that one could look at the disassembled
output from gcc to see how it does things.  That's probably the best
advice for how to proceed, regardless of the platform.

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