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Problems with GCC-4.7.2-1 (test)

Just for completeness...

This morning I have installed the test release of GCC-4.7 (4.7.2-1) and after that a few applications do not work any more.

For example, Terminator, installed via Cygwinports, does not start. From command line I have:

$ terminator

You need to install the python bindings for gobject, gtk and pango to run Terminator.


$ grep gtk /etc/setup/installed.db
clisp-gtk2 clisp-gtk2-2.48-3.tar.bz2 0
gtk2-x11-runtime gtk2-x11-runtime-2.16.5-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk2.0-canberra-module gtk2.0-canberra-module-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk2.0-engines gtk2.0-engines-2.20.2-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk2.0-engines-pixmap gtk2.0-engines-pixmap-2.24.14-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk2.0-engines-svg gtk2.0-engines-svg-2.36.4-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk2.0-gail gtk2.0-gail-2.24.14-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk3-canberra-module gtk3-canberra-module-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
gtk3-demo gtk3-demo-3.6.4-1.tar.bz2 0
libcanberra-gtk-devel libcanberra-gtk-devel-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
libcanberra-gtk0 libcanberra-gtk0-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
libcanberra-gtk3-devel libcanberra-gtk3-devel-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
libcanberra-gtk3_0 libcanberra-gtk3_0-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0
libgtk1.2-devel libgtk1.2-devel-1.2.10-11.tar.bz2 0
libgtk1.2_0 libgtk1.2_0-1.2.10-11.tar.bz2 0
libgtk2.0-devel libgtk2.0-devel-2.24.14-1.tar.bz2 0
libgtk2.0_0 libgtk2.0_0-2.24.14-1.tar.bz2 0
libgtk3-devel libgtk3-devel-3.6.4-1.tar.bz2 0
libgtk3_0 libgtk3_0-3.6.4-1.tar.bz2 0
libjavascriptcoregtk1.0_0 libjavascriptcoregtk1.0_0-1.8.3-2.tar.bz2 0
libwebkitgtk1.0_0 libwebkitgtk1.0_0-1.8.3-2.tar.bz2 0
python-gtk2 python-gtk2-2.14.1-2.tar.bz2 0
python-gtk2.0 python-gtk2.0-2.24.0-2.tar.bz2 0
python-pygtk python-pygtk-2.27.91-1.tar.bz2 0
vala-libcanberra-gtk vala-libcanberra-gtk-0.30-1.tar.bz2 0

I have also a GTK-build of Emacs trunk and

$ emacs -Q

/usr/local/emacs/bin/emacs-24.3.50.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Reverting to GCC-4.5.3 all works fine.

BTW, I did the Emacs build using CLANG (3.1, i386-pc-cygwin), so I don't understand much why the new GCC-4.7 interferes with Emacs.


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