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Re: parse error before "extern"

On 4/5/2013 3:55 AM, Sonya Blade wrote:
Dear All,

I've the working C code just before 1 day back, but when I try to
compile  the project as of now I receive the following error. What
could be the possible reason  of that ?

C:\Users\......\Downloads\petsc-3.3-p6\include\mpiuni\mpi.h|119|error: parse error before "extern"|
D:\TEST_FOLDER_dell\PROJECTS\CBFortran\Slepc_C\main.c||In function `main':|
||=== Build finished: 1 errors, 6 warnings (0 minutes, 2 seconds) ===|

My WAG?  You're suffering from carriage returns in your file, probably as
a result of unzipping with WinZip or another Windows utility.  Best to use
Cygwin tools to avoid these problems.  For now, you can try running
the affected files through 'dos2unix'.

If this isn't the problem, you'll need to be more specific.  If you can
provide a small sample which reproduces the problem for you, that could
be helpful.  The snippet you provided, when put in a C file by itself
and compiled with Cygwin's gcc, generates no compile errors.



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