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Re: Bug in ddk headers when used from cygwin

On 4/8/2013 3:48 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr  8 01:59, Charles Wilson wrote:
Any suggestions for a fix?

Yes.  Do not use the ddk headers with Cygwin.  Not only that intrin.h is
really missing(*), the ddk headers in mingw-w64 are not fit for usage in
user space code.  For that reason the latest Cygwin code does not use
these headers either.

There are two user space headers exposing ntdll stuff, winternl.h and
ntdef.h.  They partially contradict each other so they can't be used in
parallel.  Usage of winternl.h is preferred.  Wintern.h isn't exactly
set in stone upstream, so additions and fixes are welcome.
And, as a side note, <ddk/ntstatus.h> from mingw32 became just
<ntstatus.h> in mingw-w64.

OK, I'll try to figure out what getVolInfo was using from ddk, and see if I can replicate the functionality with pure w32api non-ddk stuff. I'll also have to ask the original developer what she was thinking, relying on ddk internals... :-)

But doesn't this mean that the cygwin's w32api package should exclude all of the ddk headers; it's not simply a case that you "shouldn't" use ddk/*.h, but that you actually cannot, because compilation will fail.


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