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Re: FIXED: GCC can't find its header directoriescy

On 11/04/2013 07:08, Duncan Roe wrote:
> Thanks Dave - removing the old cygwin dlls from C:\WINDOWS fixed gcc &
> alternatives.

  Glad to hear it!

> I put them there because I like to have the odd cygwin utility available
> to CMD.EXE. 
> May put them back - but will take more care with them in future,

  The better way to do that is just to add your cygwin\bin dir to your PATH in
the Windows environment variables.  That way you get all your cygwin stuff
available in cmd.exe but it's always the up-to-date stuff from your main

  (The only problem I've ever run into in this approach is that both Cygwin
and MSVC have a "link.exe" command, so you can end up getting the wrong one.
You can avoid this by any combination of specifying full paths to the
particular one you want, choosing whether to put cygwin\bin at the start or
end of your Windows PATH, or customising your vcvars.bat to make sure the MSVC
version is earlier in the PATH when you launch it.  I've never found it to be
a big problem compared to the convenience of having a real grep available in


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