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Re: FIXED: GCC can't find its header directoriescy

On 4/11/2013 10:27 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin Developers) wrote:
On 4/11/2013 8:05 PM, Duncan Roe wrote:
Hi Casba,

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 8:08 AM, Duncan Roe wrote:
Thanks Dave - removing the old cygwin dlls from C:\WINDOWS fixed gcc
I put them there because I like to have the odd cygwin utility
available to CMD.EXE.

May put them back - but will take more care with them in future,

Adding c:\cygwn\bin to the Windows PATH might be a better solution;
that's what I did.


OK I'm convinced. But ... how do I do it? Registry? autoexec.bat? other?

If you always want Cygwin to be available, just set it in your environment
with the rest of your settings.  Run "systemPropertiesAdvanced.exe", click
the "Environment Variables..." button, and either append to the PATH
variable in "System variables" (if you want everyone to see Cygwin) or
add PATH to your user environment variables.

Apologies everyone.  If you want to follow-up on my previous post, please
reply to this one instead so that the response goes to this list instead of




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