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Re: Cygwin with clock_gettime and CLOCK_MONOTONIC - gives always 0

Greetings, Steve Kargl!

>> >> * gfortran's example for random_see should be change to not use
>> >> system_clock for the random seed.
>> >
>> >I disagree.  The example is just that a short example
>> >that demonstrates how to use random_seed.  Anyone using
>> >that example in his/her code without testing the results
>> >in his/her potentially broken environment should not be
>> >programming.
>> That is unfair.  Few scientists will know that system clocks are
>> an iffy aspect of a programming language, especially as there are
>> no fundamental reasons that should be the case.

> This has nothing to do with the iffy-ness of system clocks.  My
> disagreemnet is predicated on the stupidity of using a 10 line
> example subroutine without actually inspecting what it does on 
> whatever OS that one chooses to use.  Perhaps, my expectations
> for the IQ of scientists is too high.  Are you suggesting that
> every code snippet in the manual should contain a cautionary
> comment of the form:

No, I expect a code snippet in manual to produce sensible, reliable and
predictable results across the board, especially for such generic cases.

> ! 
> ! This is only an example.  Use with extreme caution.
> !

Andrey Repin ( 12.04.2013, <06:29>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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