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Re: possible libtool bug blocking builds of Cygwin setup.exe

Hi Peter,

On Apr 13, Peter Rosin wrote:
On 2013-04-13 02:31, Shaddy Baddah wrote:
Hi Peter,

On 13/04/13 09:15, Peter Rosin wrote:
Have I stumbled on a real problem?

This all sounds suspiciously like libtool bug 14022, where the reporter
had confused --build and --host. How did you run configure?

I'm emulating what is in setup/

$ ../cygwin-setup/configure --build="i686-pc-mingw32" --host="i686-pc-mingw32" -C

Since you had POSIX paths with a distinct Cygwin touch, I guess we can
stop blaming Libtool. You are apparently cross-compiling from Cygwin to
MinGW and should drop your --build argument and thus let config.guess
do its thing. I.e. stop lying to configure.

Or build with MSYS where the above --build and --host are true.

I guess the bootstrap script also needs some love if you have read it
right. I haven't read it at all.

You are correct, dropping the --build argument was the correct action. I
apologise for blaming libtool. I was confused and therefore only
suggested it was a possibility. Thankfully it was not.


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