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cygport autoreconf --force step stomping on perfectly good config.guess file

In trying to get sqlite3 built for 64-bit Cygwin, I've run into a wall: during the cygport compile step, it runs

    autoreconf --force -i --verbose

This overwrites the config.guess shipped with SQLite with the one from automake 1.9. (I know this for a fact based on file sizes.) That old version doesn't understand Cygwin 64, so it gives a verbose error that amounts to "upgrade, dude." If autoreconf were to grab the config.guess from automake 1.13 or the one shipped with Cygport itself, all would be well.

I'm guessing this happens due to this line in SQLite's configure script:


I can't run autoconf to re-generate this, since the file has a bunch of old constructs that autoconf 2.69 barfs on.

I don't want to suppress the autoreconf step, since the SQLite tarball *also* includes an outdated config.guess script. So, autoreconf *does* need to be run. It just needs to be made to DTRT.

My subject line refers to the fact that even if I copy a good config.guess file in by hand between the prep and compile steps, autoreconf overwrites it anyway, probably because of the --force flag.

Ultimately, upstream should upgrade their autotools and fix their .in and .ac files, but seeing as how they just applied a trivial patch I provided 3 years ago, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.

Any suggestions on how to fix this without involving upstream, and without wholesale replacement of the autotools input files shipped with the SQLite tarball?

My guess is that it would be best if I could slip a custom step in between the 'autoreconf' step and the 'make' step, hand-copying in an up-to-date version of config.guess from somewhere. Does cygport have such a hook?

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