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Re: cygport autoreconf --force step stomping on perfectly good config.guess file

On 4/16/2013 14:12, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
On 2013-04-16 11:04, Warren Young wrote:

This overwrites the config.guess shipped with SQLite

I cannot reproduce such an error with the tarball, even with
autoconf-2.69 and automake-1.13.1.

Do you mean the offical SQLite "amalgamation" tarball, or are you trying to rebuild my just-released source tarball on 64-bit Cygwin?

My Cygwin 64 installation is fresh as fresh can be. I installed it for the first time yesterday, specifically because I'd finally gotten around to trying to build my packages under it. Any chance you've been doing some tweaks to your installation which I don't have yet?

For now, a workaround is to define WANT_AUTOMAKE=1.10 (or newer),

Thanks, that does indeed fix it.

Thanks also for writing a proper manual. The last time I checked, Cygport's documentation was limited to the README file. I didn't notice the manual until I started grepping for WANT_AUTOMAKE in /usr/share/cygport.

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