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Re: X windows behavior

On 2013-04-17 11:21, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Richard Gribble!
>>> I use Cygwin/X on a laptop using a docking station (with the external
>>> monitor the primary display). Cygwin behaves very nasty in two ways:
>>> 1.) When two monitors are connected, new windows always open on the
>>> secondary monitor. I have to move all of them manually back to my
>>> primary monitor :( Is there a way to avoid this?
>>> 2.) When not docked, the secondary monitor seems to be used
>>> "implicitely": Some new windows are not visible. Then I realize they are
>>> "hidden" and I can (manually) drag them back to the main monitor. Also,
>>> the "Exiting Cygwin/X"? dialog seems to be opened in an invisible,
>>> virtual area: I just do not see this dialog. Only when I dock the next
>>> time, I see that this windows actually pops up in the second monitor.
>> I believe you'll find this is the default behavior with Windows XP and
>> Windows 7 as well.  In my experience, the issue is that windows
>> "remember" where they were last, and reopen there.  Thus if you had
>> Firefox open in the secondary monitor, reboot (without the secondary
>> monitor), and reopen Firefox, it will reopen on the secondary monitor
>> - and you won't see it.

Ok, you're only talking about (2). But as I said, this can't entirely be

Even if I click on the Tray Icon and "Exit", I sometimes can't see Exit
Dialog ("Exiting Cygwin/X")?

Regarding the first (and more severe issue). I run an application which
uses many windows (Cadence). For nearly each properties-window which
opens, it is placed on the secondary monitor. However, I am mainly
working on the primary monitor (as I use the second only in tablet mode)
so it is very annoying to drag every single window manually to the main

This behavior only happens with Cygwin. For example, when I have Firefox
open on my main monitor and I create a new window, it is created on the
main monitor.

I tried to use startxwin.exe -- -nomultimonitors. The root window now
seems to cover only the primary monitor, however, the effect still
persists and I can also still drag X windows to the second monitor. This
setting seems to be ignored.


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