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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cloog-ppl-0.15.11-1 (test)

ClooG - The Chunky Loop Generator

CLooG is a software which generates loops for scanning Z-polyhedra. That is,
CLooG finds the code or pseudo-code where each integral point of one or more
parametrized polyhedron or parametrized polyhedra union is reached. CLooG is
designed to avoid control overhead and to produce a very efficient code.

Its input is some data on the polyhedra to scan, basically the system of
affine inequalities that define them, and a context that defines some
properties known on the parameters if any. The output is the pseudo scanning
code. Many facilities are provided to generate a near-to-be-compileable code,
and every useful functions to generate the code may be called from the CLooG

----- version 0.15.11-1 -----
- recompiled with cygwin-1.17, gcc4-4.7.2-2 and binutils 2.23.51-1
- test package for gcc4-4.7.2-2

Since this is a test package for gcc4-4.7.2-2, which is itself a test
package, some dependencies will need to be installed by hand.  The
dependencies that setup.exe checks are for the current version in
conjunction with gcc4-4.5.3-3.

+<[Q+ Matrix-12 WAVE#46+305 Neuron microQkb Andromeda XTk Blofeld]>+

SD adaptations for KORG EX-800 and Poly-800MkII V0.9:

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