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Re: mintty and Control-` , Control-~

Am 20.04.2013 22:53, schrieb Andy Koppe:
On 20 April 2013 21:28, Thomas Wolff wrote:
In order to make them useful without enabling modifyOtherKeys mode,
how about if Ctrl combinations with backtick (ASCII 0x60), opening and
closing brace (0x7B and 0x7D), pipe (0x7C), and tilde (0x7E) were
mapped to C1 control characters (in the U+0080 to U+009E range).
I don't think it's useful to support C1 control characters because virtually
nobody will ever want to input them via keyboard;
I don't know of applications that need those by default either; the
point is to make such key combinations available for custom mappings
in places such as ~/.inputrc and ~/.vimrc.
Ah, yes. Maybe a hint in the Keycodes description might encourage such a use case.

even more if only a random subset of C1 can be supported this is only
The entire set is supported already. See
Ah, again. However, a custom mapping as mentioned might want to distinguish all keys,
so still I wouldn't map Control-~ and -` to already mapped ones.
Maybe extend the "Number and symbol keys" scheme, or use the modifyOtherKeys sequences here by default?


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