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Re: Difference in 32/64-bit curl.

On Apr 23 23:56, Christian Franke wrote:
> Fredrik Rothamel wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I just noticed that in 64-bit cygwin curl always include the
> >http-headers in the response.
> >(Old behaviour is to only include headers when -i option is specified)
> >
> >Is this an intentional change?
> Unlikely. In this case it should be possible to revert the default
> -i (--include) with --no-include.
> According to a quick gdb session using curl-debug package the
> corresponding variable config->include_headers is not set during
> option processing. But later in Curl_setopt(., CURLOPT_HEADER, .)
> the variable data->set.include_header is set true because some
> va_arg(param, long) is nonzero.
> Possibly a __builtin_va_list related gcc bug.

This is rather unlikely.  That code is shared between Cygwin and
Mingw, and chances are that the bug would have been found already.

What about a type issue?  int vs. long?


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