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Re: Porting to 64 bit Cygwin (was Re: Difference in 32/64-bit curl.)

On Apr 24 18:10, Christian Franke wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >For clearness I decided to add a quick lecture.  Hope that's ok.
> Makes much sense. I would suggest two additions:
> >...
> >- DON'T mix up int and long in printf/scanf.  This:
> >
> >     int i; long l;
> >     printf ("%d %ld\n", l, i);
> >
> >   may not print what you think it should.
> - DON'T forget to enable -Wformat gcc warnings, try also -Wformat=2.
> (-Wformat is included in -Wall, -Wformat=2 is neither included in
> -Wall nor in -W[extra]).

Thanks, I added something along these lines to the new FAQ entry.  See

> >- DON'T use C base types together with Win32 functions.  Keep in mind
> >   that DWORD, LONG, ULONG are *not* the same as long and unsigned long.
> >   Try to use only Win32 datatypes in conjunction with Win32 API function
> >   calls to avoid type problems.
> - DON'T forget to add casts if such Win32 API types are used with
> printf(). This:
>   printf("Win32 Error=%lu\n", GetLastError());
> worked for all i686 and Windows x86_64, but fails now on Cygwin x86_64.

I skipped that because the FAQ entry is not exactly what I wrote in my
mail.  Do you still think this is necessary?


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