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Re: X windows behavior

On 2013-04-22 06:37, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> On 17/04/2013 02:26, Lukas Haase wrote:
>> I use Cygwin/X on a laptop using a docking station (with the external
>> monitor the primary display). Cygwin behaves very nasty in two ways:
>> 1.) When two monitors are connected, new windows always open on the
>> secondary monitor. I have to move all of them manually back to my
>> primary monitor :( Is there a way to avoid this?
>> 2.) When not docked, the secondary monitor seems to be used
>> "implicitely": Some new windows are not visible. Then I realize they are
>> "hidden" and I can (manually) drag them back to the main monitor. Also,
>> the "Exiting Cygwin/X"? dialog seems to be opened in an invisible,
>> virtual area: I just do not see this dialog. Only when I dock the next
>> time, I see that this windows actually pops up in the second monitor.

Dear Jon,

Thanks for your support.

> I'm not clear if you are saying these bugs occur if you have Xwin running when
> you dock/undock (i.e. this is a bug in how XWin handles a change in the number
> of monitors)?

The first not (it always happens when two monitors are connected)
The second could have to do with this, yes. This is the procedure:

- Start XWin, docked, working with it.
- Undock, going to standby, SSH session may die
- Wake up without docking (only internal screen)

Now all windows are shown on the (non-existent) secondary screen if I
open new X programs.

Also, I can't even close it because even the Exit Prompt is hidden.

> Does restarting XWin after dock/undock still show these problems?

Yes, if I kill Xwin via task manager.

> Can you please provide your /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log

> Can you provide a bit more detail about your monitor geometry (i.e. size of
> the monitors, is the 'primary' monitor to the left or right of the 'secondary'
> monitor)?

[ LAPTOP ]     [ External Monitor ]

When docked: External is primary, Laptop is secondary screen
When undocked: Only laptop exists, so this is primary now.

Laptop: 1366x768
External Monitor: 1920x1080


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