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Re: can't connect to sshd on Vista

On 4/26/2013 12:48 AM, Rick McCombs AD5DU wrote:
After reading this
I can ssh localhost, and it works,  but I can't connect with putty,
and I just tried connecting from
another machine and if I try logging in as rick it is refused if I
connect to cyg_server@rickvista it connects  and drops the connection
after the greeting.
By the way the XP machine that I'm also putting cygwin on has a space
in the users
home directory I changed the user id but changing the directory
doesn't seem possible in XP home. Supposedly there is a way to copy
the profile to a new user I may have to that.

Rick McCombs@ATHLON3000 ~
$ ssh cyg_server@rickvista
cyg_server@rickvista's password:

cyg_server is the user account that runs the sshd service.  You're
not supposed to connect using this account.  Use your account.

It's possible while attempting to get this working that you've
inadvertently gotten permissions set improperly in various
directories and files that sshd uses.  This is why we're usually
very critical of using external resources to install and configure
sshd.  I recommend going through the ssh-host-config and ssh-user-config
scripts to make sure that all the files and directories they configure do
exist and that the permissions are set properly.  Closed connections
are often caused by things like permission problems.



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