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RE: Compiling deja-dup

Hello all,

I have a noob question for direction. I thought it would be an interesting project to attempt to compile deja-dup under Cygwin. (So far I have not been successful finding out if this was done successfully before, or not).

However - it appears I have trouble getting my environment set up to allow it to compile. When I try to compile deja-dup, it complains about not having the "libpeas" package. I couldn't find "libpeas" using the cygwinsetup, so I downloaded the source for that.

Well, libpeas won't compile because it can't find "gobject-introspection". I installed everything I could find from setup related to "gobject-introspection", still no luck.

So I tried compiling gobject-introspection from source - again no luck as it fails with a pretty cryptic error.

(I can replicate all the variosu different errors I come across if anybody's interested).

The long and short of my question is: is there a way for me to make sure that all my build dependencies are met, without having to actually go through the compilation process?


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