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Re: CreateSymbolicLinkW needed

Greetings, JonY!

>> The pop-up is produced even before login, presumably during the load of
>> "bash --login -i" (but i also have /bin/bash in /etc/passwd, so this may also
>> be the reason).
>> I don't understand why a symlink is created during login, but in any case,
>> one can observe that CreateSymbolicLinkW was introduced in
>> during, that occurred
>> immediately before the snapshot.

> A symlink is not necessarily created, the PE symbols are resolved at
> start up and it is missing in your system. There is little you can do
> about it.

> Yes, it was a recent change, Corinna will have to fix that if XP is to
> be supported.

Far Manager don't have this issue, even though it support whole range of links
for all Windows flavors.
Said that, it IS possible to create a symbolic link to a file in Windows XP,
even though you can't access it afterward.
@Denis, do you have your XP box fully updated?

Andrey Repin ( 30.04.2013, <17:14>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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