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Re: sqlite3: bug with monotone

On May 31 14:19, Warren Young wrote:
> On 5/31/2013 13:58, Warren Young wrote:
> >
> >The SQLite code prefers POSIX advisory locks, but it can fall back to
> >BSD locks if it has to.
> Just to clarify, when I say "POSIX locks" I always mean new style
> fcntl() locks.  There are no calls to lockf() in sqlite3.c.
> >I'm not sure why it doesn't just
> >blindly try the lock.
> On reflection, I'm sure it has something to do with maintaining high
> concurrency.  If it knows its near-future DB file write is going to
> get blocked, it can choose to do something else while the existing
> DB lock holders finish.
> By contrast, SQLite's flock() based locking is documented as being
> much more brute-force, resulting in much lower concurrency.

Makes sense, given that flock is not record but file locking.


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