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Re: How does make determine which shells to invoke when executing external commands?

On 6/5/2013 20:43, Hua Ai wrote:
I thought this is a cygwin issue since windows
commands were invoked.

Cygwin make should *always* be using /bin/sh to interpret commands, unless you've overridden it with SHELL.

Type this into a Makefile:

        	@echo Shell is $(SHELL)

Then say "make" in that directory.  It should confirm my assertion.

If it tells you something different on a problem machine, say "make --version" and verify that it says "Built for i686-pc-cygwin".

We don't have MinGW, but we do have multiple versions of a software
(development tools from Altera) installed on these computers, which
all contains a copy of cygwin (different versions but all with make).

Are you *certain* Altera is shipping Cygwin GNU make and not MinGW make?

Either way, you're kind of in a bind.

If Altera is shipping MinGW GNU make, you have the conflict I originally proposed.

If they are in fact shipping Cygwin, you have this problem:

(Items 4.19 through 4.23.)

This makefile however was run from a standalone cygwin.

What does it say when you say "which make"?

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