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Use of mkpasswd and mkgroup for bigger organizations

Trying to suggest an update to documentation and the default output after starting your Cygwin shell the first time
Bigger organizations will by default have their users on the domain.

Now oftern the first time after being installed Cygwin, the following message will appear:
Your group is currently "mkpasswd"

And will further suggest to execute the following:
mkpasswd -l [-d] > /usr/passwd
mkgroup -l [-d] > /usr/group

With the note that -d is for domain users.

Now you have a huge domain etc ... it runs forever ... geez downloading the whole domain?
Man, google, documentation, all has very less to mention about this.

First time users and even repeat users (I am doing a fresh install like what ... once every 3 year ...), blindly follow that of course.
I think in most setups, users needing access to a pc installation are already setup as users on that PC, even as domain users ...
So I think it would be beneficial to further explain what the -d really does (taking a long time doing something),
And maybe to advise running
mkgroup -l -c > /usr/group
mkpasswd -l -c > /usr/passwd

Probably in that order I would think.

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