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Re: GCC and symlink are incompatibility on 64-bit windows

Lu Sheng wrote:
how can I use cygwin tools, if I want to compile the object file in
cygwin and invoke it in windows python?
If you compile under cygwin, you are designing it to run under posix (linux
like environment) -- not under windows.

If you want it to run under window you need to use windows

It might compile under the mingw tools -- which are gnu tools adapted to windows.

But they don't support a linux-like environment -- so if the program you want to run
uses posix/linux features it won't work unless you rewrite the portions
that use linux to do some equivalent thing in windows (i.e. it's not a trivial task).

Looking at the lxml website -- there is no windows port or support.

If you want to run it you need to run it on a posix-compatible or linux
compatible platform.

Windows isn't either.

It might run under cygwin -- as it is a posix compatible platform -- you might
ask someone on whatever mailing lists the lxml people hve.

There is a python that runs under cygwin as well.  I.e. if your concern was
to run it on python that ran on your windows 'box', then you can run the cygwin
version of python on your windows box -- but if you need to run the windows
version of python, you  have a long road ahead of you to get this workign.

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