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Wrong permissions when cloning a Git repository using Cygwin

Hi folks,

when I run "git clone URL" on the mintty terminal in the Cygwin
environment on a Windows Server 2008 network share some directories
have wrong permissions set (i.e. groups are missing).

Most of the directories have the correct groups and permissions
assigned, but some of them (it seems mostly the directories which
are further down in the hierarchy) are missing some groups.

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots right now.

I was wondering what the cause for this could be? Is it a
Cygwin problem or a Git problem? Does it maybe belong to
the length of the path - because it does not affect directories
in the upper levels of the hierarchy, but only directories beyond
the fourth or fifth directory level?!

What I actually do on the mintty terminal is this:

> cd //servername
> cd path/to/project/
> git clone URL .

If I clone the Git repository using e.g. TortoiseGit,
which is integrated into the Windows Explorer Context-Menu,
permissions and groups of the cloned repository are fine.

Please feel free to ask if you need any additional information
about this issue - I'd be really happy to fix this problem.

Thanks a lot in advance for help on this!


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