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Re: UNC and POSIX paths

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 05:36:42PM +0400, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> Hello!
> I decided to pay attention to one more problem. Lots of not very well
>written configure scripts and makefiles like to access things like
>'//usr/bin'. Under Cygwin this causes problem because Cygwin treats '//' in
>Windows-style as access to network shares.
> What if we change this ? We could have a mount entry, something like '/unc'
>(or /smb, /net, whatever) and access it like '/smb/computername/sharename'.
>I think this would improve POSIX compatibility a lot.

To rephrase what you're asking: "How about if we change Cygwin's
path-handling to deviate from 15 years of established behavior?"

Sorry, not going to happen.  We're within our rights to treat //
differently and, although it doesn't give us complete Linux
compatibility, this is one case where the utility outweighs the

That said, I guess we *could* add something like the above and only use
it when it was specifically mounted but that would be a fair amount of

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