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Re: Adding MSYS functionality to Cygwin

On 6/19/2013 1:45 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
I'm talking about providing hooks so that an add-on MSYS dll could
modify the windows command-line.  Then we wouldn't care what MSYS does
with the command-line since it isn't a Cygwin DLL decision.  The goal is
to allow a small DLL to hook into Cygwin and do whatever MSYS wants to

Something like:

callout (CO_EXEC, &command_line);

Where it is expected that the command line could be modified.

Interesting. Obviously, there's more to a "complete" MSYS replacement/reimplementation, but cmd-line manipulation for exec'ing native apps is really the biggest MSYS-ism of the bunch.

I assume that, eventually and as-needed, a *small* number of additional "hooks" could be added to other code paths than exec/spawn/etc -- such as the aforementioned uname(3) thing. (One of the "deltas" between cygwin and msys was msys used a really stupid ownership/permission model -- pretend current user owns everything; check the DOS R/O bit for +w; check the file extension for +x; -- but this can be approximated with existing $CYGWIN entries or mount options. I think. So reimplementing that "feature" of MSYS would not require any additional hooks).

The goal would be to collapse the fork back into Cygwin
with minimal cost to the Cygwin DLL.

+1 <g>


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