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Re: Bug with Cygwin's 'quilt' is actually in 'patch'

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 11:31:48PM -0400, Matt D. wrote:
>I've been looking further into this and it appears as though the problem 
>is in 'patch' not 'quilt'. quilt is actually a collection of bash 
>scripts and calls patch to do the actual patching.
>Using the same example I provided earlier in the thread, the same error 
>occurs when calling patch directly:
>$ patch Imakefile patches/test.patch
>Running dos2unix on test.patch will allow the patch to apply 
>successfully. However, this is WRONG. Imakefile and the initially 
>created test.patch both use CRLF line endings. The patch should 
>definitely NOT apply by introducing actual disparity.
>To summarize, the patch to Imakefile (CRLF) will apply if it is 
>converted to LF line endings. Using the '--binary' switch seems to be a 
>workaround for this issue.

Sorry but we're emulating Linux here.  You shouldn't have CRLF endings
on your text file if you want the tools to work reliably.


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