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Re: cygport limitations

On 2013-06-20 12:43, Warren Young wrote:
I'm assuming everyone is using cygport now to create packages, or can't
because of one of these violated expectations.

My ctags package is one of the latter, because although it ships with a
configure script, it isn't an autoconf configure script.  When I tried
migrating the package to cygport 3.5 years ago, cygport failed to DTRT
because the ctags build system doesn't know how to configure and build
outside the source tree.  I ended up falling back on my custom build
script, which simply builds in-tree, then overrides some make(!)
variables to force it to install into a temp directory, which I then
pack up by hand.  This is tolerable because ctags is a relatively simple

This is explained in the manual wrt cygconf:

* cygconf is intended for configure scripts generated by, or compatible
  with, autoconf. Packages with handwritten configure scripts may not
  accept allthe flags used by cygconf, in which case a direct call to
  the configure  script is in order.

In this case, not having looked at ctags, you'll probably need something along the lines of:

src_compile() {
    cd ${B}
    ./configure --prefix=/usr || error "configure failed"

That second category of packages are those that are built using cygport
despite the fact that it requires a highly customized .cygport file. The
more customizations you add, the more of cygport's base assumptions you
are violating with your package.

The last doxygen package I shipped was a good example of this:

1. I had to pass "--platform linux-g++" to configure to get it to build
correctly.  (It might have been one of those cases where it saw #if
WINDOWS == true and did the wrong thing.)  I don't know if CYGCONF_ARGS
didn't exist when I wrote that, but for some reason I felt compelled to
override the src_compile rule to pass this flag.

FWIW, CYGCONF_ARGS has been around for a *long* time.

2. Though I now know about CYGCONF_ARGS, if I picked the package back up
for some reason, I don't think I could get rid of my src_compile()
override because of a second build problem: Doxygen's own documentation
has a primitive and completely separate build system.  Not only does
"make" at the top level not "cd doc && make", but doc/Makefile also
doesn't understand things like DESTDIR.  I ended up needing to override
src_install(), too.

There's nothing wrong with that. src_compile(), src_test(), and src_install() are intended to be provided by cygport(5)s; the provided *defaults* of those are NOT opaque APIs (hence they are actually shown in the docs) and are meant to be overridden whenever necessary.

I don't mean to impugn cygport's capabilities, or yours, Yaakov.  I
prefer to use cygport, and don't like it when I can't.

There should NEVER be a reason that you can't use cygport for your packages. If you're having an issue, just provide your (draft) cygport(5) and ask.


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