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RE: offline cygwin install question

<... wrote:
> I have a win7 64-bit machine that is not online and I want to update
> the cygwin install. What is the best method for doing this? Can I just
> copy the current cygwin install off of my XP 32-bit machine and drop
> it into the 64-bit win7 rig, or will that create a problem?

Do the experiment.

I copy 32 bit cygwin between my desktop and laptop (Windows 7, 64
bit) (using a network drive as an intermediary) and it work fine for
me.  I use xcopy followed by a Windows mirroring utility (mirror -
<>) in a cmd batch file.  For a first
install xcopy alone or a copy using Windows Explorer should work

This all assumes that that both installation are at equivalent
locations, e.g., C:\cygwin.  When I, on occasional, run it from
H:\cygwin, it runs but seems to have problems finding customizations.
I've never tried tracking it down but mounts set in fstab to C: are a
possible problem, as are lack of environmental variables set in

Good luck,

- Barry
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