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Re: Failure with fork()

Alan W. Irwin writes:
> I haven't even gotten as far as an initial install because
> of this fork bug.

If you've never installed Cygwin then this is going to be a bit
more difficult, but here it is anyway...

You'll need a cygwin package that has the snapshot files built in.  To
do this, unpack the files from the current cygwin package into a
temporary directory, then unpack the snapshot files into the same
directory (which updates the directory with the filesfrom the snapshot),
package the directory up again as a tar.bz2 file, note the md5sum and
change the entry in setup.ini for the package to have the correct
filename (if you've changed it) and checksum.  You should then be able
to use setup.exe just fine to install a new Cygwin instance.

Here's a Makefile that will do the packaging, adjust the locations:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
.PHONY: all install clean force-clean clean-install snapshot install-snapshot snapshot-debuginfo install-snapshot-debuginfo

CV ?= 1.7.19
CR ?= 1
CVR = $(CV)-$(CR)
SD ?= 20130627

CYGMIR   = /mnt/mirror/cygwin/release/cygwin
CYGDEB   = $(CYGMIR)/cygwin-debuginfo
SNAPSHOT = $(PWD)/snapshot-$(SD)
SNAPDEB  = $(PWD)/snapshot-debuginfo-$(SD)
SNAPMIR  = /mnt/mirror/snapshot
PATCH    = /mnt/mirror/patch/release/cygwin
PATCHDEB = $(PATCH)/cygwin-debuginfo

all:            snapshot snapshot-debuginfo
install:        clean-install clean install-snapshot install-snapshot-debuginfo force-clean
clean force-clean:
        rm -fr     $(SNAPSHOT)
        rm -fr     $(SNAPDEB)
clean-install:  clean
        rm -f      $(PATCH)/cygwin-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.bz2 $(PATCHDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.bz2

        mkdir   -p $(SNAPSHOT)
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -xf $(CYGMIR)/cygwin-$(CVR).tar.bz2
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -xf /mnt/mirror/snapshot/cygwin-inst-$(SD).tar.bz2
install-snapshot:       snapshot
        tar     -C $(SNAPSHOT) -cf $(PATCH)/cygwin-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.bz2 etc/ usr/

        mkdir   -p $(SNAPDEB)
        tar     -C $(SNAPDEB)  -xf $(CYGDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR).tar.bz2
        bunzip2 -c $(SNAPMIR)/cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.bz2 > $(SNAPDEB)/usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/cygwin1.dbg
        touch   -r $(SNAPMIR)/cygwin1-$(SD).dbg.bz2 $(SNAPDEB)/usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/cygwin1.dbg
install-snapshot-debuginfo:     snapshot-debuginfo
        tar     -C $(SNAPDEB) -cf $(PATCHDEB)/cygwin-debuginfo-$(CVR)s$(SD).tar.bz2 usr/
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

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