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Re: offline cygwin install question

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 04:17:05PM -0400, LMH wrote:
>> I don't see why.  If the directory is duplicated precisely I don't see
>> how it could matter.
>What I was referring to here was to just copy the cygwin local package 
>directory that contains setup.exe and the http% mirror directories,

Yes, I knew what you meant.

I read your description of the problem but I can't offer any explanation
for it.

>Regarding this set of instructions,
>they seem to be a bit more involved than is necessary. My cygwin install 
>directory is less than 1GB, so what is the need to use tar? I believe 
>that when I last re-installed my current OS, I just copied my cygwin 
>folder to a backup drive and then copied it back to C: after my 
>re-install. Is there some reason why that is a bad idea?

Using tar rather than a Windows utility will make sure that things like
symlinks are preserved.  And, a tar file will take up less space and be
quicker to create than duplicated directory structure.


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