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Re: Failure with fork()

On 6/27/2013 4:33 PM, Alan W. Irwin wrote:

I think you keep assuming I have some version of Cygwin already
installed when that is not the case.  It is the last stage of the
initial attempt at installation using setup.exe that fails on Wine due
to the fork bug. Furthermore, when I download setup.exe from it contains the fork bug. That version is
self-contained, i.e., only setup.exe needs to be downloaded, not
cygwin1.dll in addition.  I presume that is because setup.exe uses a
static version of the cygwin library as a matter of convenience rather
than depending on an external cygwin1.dll that could be separately

No not really.  'setup.exe' is a pure Windows executable.  It doesn't
rely on cygwin1.dll at all.  However, as part of the installation process
for individual packages, there are (possible) preremove and postinstall
scripts.  These are shell scripts that invoke Cygwin utilities.  These
utilities, therefore, use cygwin1.dll.  This is where you were seeing
the problem.

I have looked at the table of contents of the latest
cygwin-inst-20130619.tar.bz2 since that appears to be the most
complete recent snapshot version.  Although it does contain a number
of *.exe files and other core components of cygwin as advertised it is
missing many components of Cygwin that I need.  Also, it is missing
the key setup.exe core component which precludes any chance of
installing the rest of what I need based on this snapshot version of

'setup.exe' is built from separate sources.  See
<> for details.  But I don't
think this is really what you want.

So the question still remains how do I gain access to a version of
setup.exe with the fork fix that will allow me to not only initialize
my Cygwin distribution for Wine without the fork abort, but also
subsequently update it to install all components of Cygwin that I

Since you want to just run 'setup.exe', you need a new cygwin package
(i.e. cygwin-1.7.2*-*) before you'll be able to do what you want
without any extra effort on your part.  So unless you're willing to
build your own version of this package and put it in your download
directory in the appropriate spot (after you've downloaded the
packages you want), you want to just wait for the next announcement
for the cygwin package.



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