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Re: Failure with fork()

On 2013-06-27 22:33, Alan W. Irwin wrote:
> I think you keep assuming I have some version of Cygwin already
> installed when that is not the case.  It is the last stage of the
> initial attempt at installation using setup.exe that fails on Wine due
> to the fork bug. Furthermore, when I download setup.exe from
> it contains the fork bug. That version is
> self-contained, i.e., only setup.exe needs to be downloaded, not
> cygwin1.dll in addition.  I presume that is because setup.exe uses a
> static version of the cygwin library as a matter of convenience rather
> than depending on an external cygwin1.dll that could be separately
> downloaded.

I think the real reason is that setup has downloaded and installed
cygwin1.dll, and is using it when running the post-install scripts.
There is no statically linked cygwin library in setup.exe.

> So the question still remains how do I gain access to a version of
> setup.exe with the fork fix that will allow me to not only initialize
> my Cygwin distribution for Wine without the fork abort, but also
> subsequently update it to install all components of Cygwin that I
> need?

If the procedure in [1] is too complicated, you will have to wait for
a new cygwin package to be released.



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