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RE: Failure with fork()

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote on 2013-06-27:
> On 6/27/2013 4:33 PM, Alan W. Irwin wrote:
>> So the question still remains how do I gain access to a version of
>> setup.exe with the fork fix that will allow me to not only initialize
>> my Cygwin distribution for Wine without the fork abort, but also
>> subsequently update it to install all components of Cygwin that I
>> need?
> Since you want to just run 'setup.exe', you need a new cygwin package
> (i.e. cygwin-1.7.2*-*) before you'll be able to do what you want
> without any extra effort on your part.  So unless you're willing to
> build your own version of this package and put it in your download
> directory in the appropriate spot (after you've downloaded the
> packages you want), you want to just wait for the next announcement
> for the cygwin package.

Since the fork bug is only affecting the execution of the postinstall
scripts, couldn't the OP install the snapshot in the partially-complete
Cygwin install, then run setup.exe to finish the postinstall scripts?

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