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Re: Failure with fork()

Il 6/28/2013 8:42 AM, Alan W. Irwin ha scritto:
I am getting absolutely nowhere.


I didn't get these hangs a month ago when I tried all this
before with wine-1.5.19.  Instead, at that time I got the exact error
message when running the above script concerning an unhandled page
fault that others have described at and which the fork-fixed
cygwin1.dll is supposed to fix.  So presumably Cygwin's
bash.exe or some application executed by the above script has
changed in the last month to cause the different wine symptoms.
Or I am inadvertently doing something different than I did a month

So unless someone can suggest a method to get around the "Can't open
package database for writing.  File exists." message, and assuming
that method doesn't subsequently run into the script hang (which is a
big if), then I think it is time for someone with a lot more wine and
cygwin expertise than me to take over here to attempt to try and
figure out a way to run setup.exe on Wine with fork-fixed cygwin1.dll
overwriting the buggy version.


Hi Alan,
I assume you are not testing on wine for fun, but cygwin on wine
seems a real problem as the bug can be in any of the two platforms.

Could you clarify the original scope ?
Eventually we can test in your behalf.

As alternative to wine, if I am not wrong, Corinna when testing cygwin on several platforms (32/64, XP, W7, W8 , Server...) is using some VM
and also her main compiling machine is a Linux one;
setup.exe itself is cross-compiled on a Linux machine.
Eventually it is a more easy approuch for your trials


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