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Re: Cygwin ccrypt differs to linux ccrypt

Il 6/28/2013 10:52 AM, Chris Mingay ha scritto:
Hi all,

Up to date Cygwin running on Windows 2003 Server with ccrypt version
1.10 (up to date)

Up to date Ubuntu 12.04 with ccrypt version 1.9 (up to date, according
to apt-get)

I've encrypted a file using ccrypt in Cygwin and I am unable to
decrypt it on the linux box (Ubuntu 12.04). I am able to decrypt it on
my Windows 7 box which also runs cygwin.

I'm looking for confirmation as to whether this might be considered
normal behaviour? I understand if this is the case, but I am unable to
find written confirmation anywhere regarding it.


Hi Chris,
does the reverse works :
Crypting on Ubuntu and decrypting on Cygwin ?

these are all the changes reported upstream between 1.10 and 1.9:

v1.10 2012/10/18
        (2012/10/16) PS1 - ccguess: tweaked the ordering of guesses
        (2012/10/16) PS1 - ccguess: added -t option
        (2012/10/15) PS1 - ccguess: use a 64-bit counter
        (2012/10/14) PS1 - ccguess: updated exit status
        (2012/10/14) PS1 - ccguess: added -n option
        (2012/10/14) PS1 - ccguess: do not turn off character echoing on
        password entry.
        (2012/10/14) PS1 - ccguess: allow multiple files to be tested
        (2012/10/12) PS1 - ccguess: added -c option
        (2012/10/11) PS1 - removed intltool build dependency
        (2012/10/11) PS1 - fixed fchown() compiler warning, again
        (2012/10/10) PS1 - added ccguess program
        (2012/08/31) PS1 - man page: fixed name and usage of emacs package
        (2011/05/13) PS1 - autoconf: new CADD variable to add to CFLAGS
        (2011/01/08) PS1 - more error handling improvements: check output
        of fflush, crypt
        (2011/01/07) PS1 - fixed potential buffer overrun in make_nonce()
        (2011/01/07) PS1 - better separation of i/o errors and other
        system errors
        (2011/01/07) PS1 - test suite: added environment variable
        CHECK_CCRYPT to allow binaries outside the build tree to be tested
        (2010/12/28) PS1 - emacs support: use existing buffer password
        when re-reading a file; improved status messages
        (2010/12/24) PS1 - more handling of unlikely errors
        (2010/12/23) PS1 - fixed Rijndael reference code compiler warnings
        (2010/12/23) PS1 - check for i/o errors in stream mode
        (2010/12/23) PS1 - added frees in error handlers and at top level
        (2010/12/23) PS1 - fixed fchown() compiler warning
        (2010/11/10) PS1 - emacs support: fixed mapcar compiler warnings
        (2010/08/08) PS1 - build a convenience library libccrypt.a
        (2009/11/16) PS1 - rpm.spec: fix deprecated copyright tag,
        reported by Johannes Ruscheinski.
        (2009/09/09) PS1 - portability: made sources C++ compatible.
        (2009/09/04) PS1 - autoconf: added --disable-emacs option.
        (2009/09/04) PS1 - portability: fixed $EXEEXT error (bug

the cygwin package is 99.99% a vanilla one.
I just adjusted the build system, but not touched at all the source.


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